Established in the fitness industry over 15 years ago, Living Fit has made a name for itself through our Orthopaedic Rehabilitation results, Strength & Conditioning & Nutritional Protocols, as well as coaching ability. Trainers at Living Fit are considered among the best in the industry, capable of working with children right through to the elderly, and everybody in between. We communicate and motivate exceptionally well, and have the skills and the knowledge to help anyone achieve their health, fitness and pain free goals.

Our Philosophy

Health experts Living Fit at Kirrawee in the Sutherland Shire base our exercise programs & strength and conditioning protocols on teachings of the world-renowned CHEK Institute and the Poliquin Performance Institute.

Committed to a holistic approach C.H.E.K practitioners and Poliquin Strength coaches are widely recognised as the finest and most highly trained  exercise therapists, strength & conditioning specialists and nutrition and lifestyle coaches in the world!

It is with the training from both of these world class institutes that Living Fit coaches provide the best tuition, latest research and the best coaching possible to ensure that the highest level of results are obtained for our clients.

Empowering Results

Our programs are designed to put you back in control of your life, enabling you to restore balance and have more time, energy, money, intimacy, and fun.

During sessions you will clear away physical and emotional clutter, define your priorities, set goals, and begin to take the steps required to reach them.

All this is designed in such a way that you achieve the best results in a limited time. We know that everyone wants results yesterday, so we ensure that our clients get the results they are after, quickly and safely.

Enjoy the Benefits

Look Better!

Lose weight, Shed bodyfat, Gain weight, Build muscle, Shape your body, Enhance your physique, Improve posture, Improve movement grace

Feel Better!

Relieve Stress, Increase energy, Enhance Relaxation, Rehabilitate injuries, Achieve Vibrant Health, Gain Vitality

Function Better!

Run faster, jump higher, and perform at your peak in your Sport, Maximise your daily strength, Improve your Work performance and go home feeling fresh, Dance up a storm, Improve your digestion, nutrition and eating habits, Enhance Libido and sexual performance

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